Haley’s Moms 4 Mom Campaign Exceeds Goal!

Haley Minesinger vividly remembers her first trip to a malnutrition clinic in Liberia. She did not have children at the time, but as she looked around at the young mothers and their babies, she couldn’t get one thought out of her mind: “If I lived here, that could be me with my child.”

Now that she is a mom of two, Haley understands those experiences in a brand new way, especially the desperation on the faces of the mothers holding their children in need-the desperation of mothers without access to formula and the ability to nourish their children.

When Haley first heard about the hyper-nutritious peanut paste, Plumpy’Nut, that we (LIVE2540) are purchasing to help reverse malnutrition for those babies, she knew she wanted to step in and help us reach our goal of a million packets of Plumpy’Nut by 2023.

Putting herself into the shoes of others led Haley to start a Moms 4 Moms fundraising campaign, made up of moms fighting for moms across the world. Her goal was to raise $3,600 dollars in a week-7,200 packets of Plumpy’Nut-by walking two miles every day with her daughters – age 3 years and 6 months – representing the journey of walking in the shoes of others.

Facebook provided an outlet for Haley to share her mission with other moms, and her community reached out in a huge way. By the time Haley and her daughters finished their last two miles at the end of the week, they far exceeded their goal, instead providing over 10,000 packets of life-saving Plumpy’Nut!

Haley’s campaign, fueled by the incredible support from her community, provided enough packets to supply over 100 malnourished children with Plumpy’Nut throughout their recovery process.“My talents include breathing and walking so we chose walking,” Haley said, candidly. “But it makes me smile to think of the impact we could have collectively—whether you walk, run, swim, draw, sing, fish, cook, whatever! Let’s keep the love going.”

Have a creative fundraising idea to help us reach our goal of providing 1 million packets of Plumpy’Nut by 2023? Set up a Plumpy’Nut campaign page here:⁠

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