We All Have A Purpose

We exist to rebuild the lives of these children physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that they are able to see that God has not forgotten them, and that they are always worth the fight.

Love Him, Love them.

Our Focus


Over the years millions of meals have been scooped up by hundreds of beautiful children living in orphanages and foster homes in Liberia. With your help there will be millions more to come.


Mass deworming, distribution of life saving malaria treatments as well as many other needed medicines for thousands of children in Liberia.


From Pre-K to College hundreds of children at our main campus are being gifted the beautiful and rare opportunity for a good education. Many others are providing school fees so they too can go to school.

Believe that YOU can be love and light and hope and health for the least of these.

Where It All Began

Orphan Aid, Liberia was created in 2008, when Daryl Roberts of Cartersville, GA went on a mission trip with his local church. During this trip he was guided to visit a group of children living in an orphanage that were in dire need of help. Because of a brutal civil war that shattered the country, thousands of children were orphaned and abandoned in Liberia. These were but a few. Daryl knew that God had called him to Liberia to care for them. No fear, here we go, 67 new kiddos. He did not know, however, what God had in store. The work with those few children would grow into millions of meals for so many children. Education, mass deworming and medicine distribution, construction of our school, dorms and chicken houses, vision clinics, solar audio Bibles, over 40 staff, beautiful friendships, many missionary partnerships, and so much more. Quite a journey.

Since 2008 so many exciting changes have taken place. As Orphan Aid, Liberia continues to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading the adventure continues…Philippines, Ecuador, Georgia, Burkina Faso,…LIVE2540.